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December 14, 2012
What Is A Sommelier?

Sommelier is the French term for a wine steward, but can refer to persons with expertise in wines and spirits. In a restaurant setting, a sommelier is a waiter or waitress who is prepared to give advice on what type of wine complements a certain meal. As the consumer public is more educated about different types of wines and their presentation, the role of the sommelier is more important than ever for fine dining establishments.

Gourmet Chef

December 14, 2012
What Is A Gourmet Chef?

The process of becoming a chef is like that of many trades, in which that you must first become an apprentice to move up the official ranks. While there are many restauranteurs and cooks, the titles of ‘chef’ and particularly ‘gourmet chef’ take on special importance and generally indicate a certain degree of professionalism and expertise that begins with certification from a culinary arts school.

What Does A Gourmet Chef Do?

Institutional Chef

December 14, 2012

What Is An Institutional Chef?

Hospitality Management

December 14, 2012
Are you the person everyone turns to when planning a party or event? Are your skills as hostess second to none? Are you looking for a career that combines your ability to work a crowd, create a comfortable environment and take care of guests? If you answered ‘yes’ then you should consider a career in hospitality management.

Grill Cook

December 14, 2012
What Is A Grill Cook?

Grill cooks, otherwise known as short order cooks, prepare and cook a variety of foods that require only a short preparation time.

Production Chef

December 14, 2012
The road to becoming a production chef is anything but easy, but the rewards are many. And although culinary certification is not yet a requirement, certification can make the road to success as a production chef less bumpy.

In America, production chefs may earn as little as $15 an hour to as much as $95,000 a year, most with benefits, depending on job locality, employer, experience and education. Still, if the passion is deeply rooted in the chef’s soul, money, or the lack thereof, will not deter the desire to feed and nurture that passion.

Specialist Chef

December 14, 2012
What Is A Specialist Chef?

A specialist chef is usually a part of a larger team of cooks and other food preparers. The specialist chef’s particular duties will vary depending on the size of the restaurant staff. In a smaller kitchen, the specialist may be responsible for creating complete meals from start to finish, while in a larger restaurant, the specialist may focus on a particular food, such as meat or poultry, or a particular style of cooking, like Thai or French.

Executive Chef

December 14, 2012
What Is An Executive Chef?

An executive chef is in charge of all food service operations. In addition, he/she may supervise the several kitchens of a hotel, restaurant group, or corporate dining operation.

Culinary Related Careers

December 14, 2012
You love food and working with people and have always wanted to work in a fine dining establishment. While you are an excellent cook, your culinary ability does not lend itself to preparing creative dishes that would end up on the menus of the establishments you would most like to work for. There is a solution!

Dietary Cook

December 14, 2012
What Is A Dietary Cook?

A dietary cook works in a hospital or other healthcare establishment, such as a nursing home or hospice. Dietary cooks are specialists in food sciences and understand the different caloric and nutritional values of different foods.