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Gourmet Chef

What Is A Gourmet Chef?

The process of becoming a chef is like that of many trades, in which that you must first become an apprentice to move up the official ranks. While there are many restauranteurs and cooks, the titles of ‘chef’ and particularly ‘gourmet chef’ take on special importance and generally indicate a certain degree of professionalism and expertise that begins with certification from a culinary arts school.

What Does A Gourmet Chef Do?

From the chemistry involved to the nuanced manner in which a souffle is made, the breadth of knowledge gained in a culinary program is on par with that of a fine arts school and every bit of it is necessary to excel as a gourmet chef. You will be expected to create fine dishes and replicate them regularly. Designing menus around local, fresh foods may be expected of you as well as rotating specials utilizing left over ingredients. Training your staff to make the recipes that you write and maintaining the stock in the kitchen either alone or in conjunction with a kitchen manager. Gourmet chefs may never rest – their primary purpose is to constantly create exceptional cuisine.

Characteristics Of A Gourmet Chef

Creativity and perseverance are two of the most important characteristics that a gourmet chef can possess. Taking ordinary ingredients and creating incredible dishes that will impress the diners and the critics is what gourmet chefs do best. These are qualities that can’t be taught in school. Your artistic ability must be innate.

The Nitty Gritty: Salary

Expect to make anywhere from $38,000 to $78,000 with salaries falling outside and everywhere in between. Your pay will be affected by the city the restaurant is in, the location of the restaurant itself, its notoriety, your notoriety, and the number of stars the restaurant is afforded by the critics.

Schools to consider: