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Culinary Careers

Do you have a passion for well-prepared food? Do you appreciate a meal that consists of freshly prepared ingredients, perhaps basted in a sauce or accompanied by the perfect broth? If so, then a career in the culinary arts might just be perfect for you.

This section of the site details a variety of careers available in the food services industry, especially the exciting opportunities available in the kitchens of high-class restaurants and hotels. We provide an overview of some of the most popular positions in the food services industry, along with definitions, job descriptions, requirements, and average salaries.

Many of the jobs described in this section deal with the actual production of food in restaurant, hotel, and institutional kitchens. In a general sense, many of these jobs could be categorized under the "chef" umbrella, although in the culinary world that word has a special meaning.

People who aspire to this line of work usually start at the bottom, preparing food or operating in some other assistant function, in order to learn from mentors. Most chefs have worked at a number of restaurants, learning from different head chefs before picking their own style and specialty. Of course, the dream of many chefs is to one day open their own restaurant where they exercise creative control and express themselves through their own culinary creations.

More information is available from professional associations, some of which run culinary schools. Some well-known professional organizations include:

American Culinary Federation 
Professional Chef's Association 
International Association of Culinary Professionals 

Delve Into Specific Culinary Careers