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Some of the most fulfilling and fun jobs in the hospitality industry are found in catering. Not only do catering staff have the opportunity to put together exciting and fun events, they are involved in creating menus that might never be found in any dining establishment. As you look toward your future career goals, consider directing your course toward becoming a catering chef.

As a catering chef, you may never find yourself on the cover of an industry magazine and your most exquisite dish probably won’t end up highlighted on the cooking channel, but you will enjoy attending the invite only events, creating inventive dishes, and working with some of the most intriguing people in the hospitality industry.

As a catering chef, you will have the opportunity to work within limited and unlimited budgets with non-profit organizations and high-end corporate events. You will have your abilities challenged on a daily basis and the opportunity to prepare dishes only limited by imagination. You will have the opportunity to work with organizations from the American Theatrical Association to Microsoft and to meet actors, musicians, politicians and corporate leaders.

If this career field interests you, you should feel comfortable working closely with people who might have limited culinary knowledge. Being a catering chef requires patience and flexibility, one day you will work with a multi-million dollar budget and the next day you will be expected to turn out a fantastic creation for under $10.

If you are a chef who enjoys working with the public, consider gearing your course load toward classes that specialize in the finer points of the catering market. Educated catering chefs are in great demand and garner high wages. The benefits of working in this industry are many. For instance, because of the size of staff in a hotel or resort, you will receive medical and dental benefits difficult to negotiate in many restaurant and food establishments. In addition, good chefs are often tipped for service and for going over and above expectations.

Schools to consider: