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Chef Schools

Far more than simply a basic need, food and its enjoyment have always been central to the human existence. Its preparation and presentation involve mastery of elaborate techniques and a flair for the creative and original. Whether in a small, family run restaurant or in a large establishment, attention to detail and customer service are of utmost importance. Depending on your interests and goals, it is certain that there is an aspect of culinary arts just right for you! An education in culinary arts includes many options. Types of degrees, categories of concentrations, location, prestige – all these will define which Culinary Arts school is best suited to take you where you want to go.

Although it is impossible to consider every facet of every school, the goal of this site is to help you narrow down your choices. Each state in the Unites States is discussed with the culinary arts student in mind. The benefits and advantages of certain locations, what makes them attractive spots to live and learn, regional cuisine and local foods, the availability of programs – these are all aspects taken into consideration when recommending a state for a perspective culinary arts student. If you are sure you want to study fusion cuisine in a warm location, Hawaii is probably the best choice for you. If, however, you prefer colder climates with a well developed viticulture industry, South Dakota maybe the perfect location. The descriptions attempt to distinguish between urban and rural options as well as the special accreditations of schools. The site also includes descriptions of specific schools. In this section, the emphasis is on the degrees offered by the schools, the accreditations, the quality of their staff and equipment as well as any special certifications or affiliations the school may carry.

Whether you are interested in an entry-level position or looking to improve your culinary management skills, the abundance of information on this site can help you make the right choice so you can start doing what you love to do best – creating and producing exquisite dishes for the enjoyment of all.

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Schools to consider:
Chef Schools