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Culinary Management

Are you ready for an exciting career in culinary management? A career that can take you from the finest dining establishments to cruise ships and foreign countries, resort communities or hotel establishments - even to your own restaurant? Then pack your bags as we help you accomplish your dreams!

When you train to become a culinary manager, you will receive information to help you become the finest manager in the kitchen and behind the scenes. You will learn how to prepare menus, recognize food costs, order supplies, create eye and palate pleasing dishes, and how to manage kitchen staff.

With a culinary management education the culinary world is your plate and you get to choose what you will put on it and how it should be arranged. Some culinary management professionals decide to enhance their schooling as a chef while others elect to manage culinary staff. Your degree will serve you regardless of the decision you make.

Educated culinary management staff are in high demand. If you enjoy working with people and have interest in the culinary field, a degree in culinary management will give you the tools you need to succeed in this fast paced and exciting field.

Schools to consider: