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Grill Cook

What Is A Grill Cook?

Grill cooks, otherwise known as short order cooks, prepare and cook a variety of foods that require only a short preparation time.

What Does A Grill Cook Do?

A grill cook’s tasks vary from the traditional grilling of hamburgers, steak and chops to the flat-top frying of such menu items as fries, eggs, and pancakes. Depending on the size and style of the establishment, grill cooks should also be comfortable managing food inventory, overseeing staff and interacting with customers. As in all food related positions, the grill cook must be compliant with standards of sanitation, kitchen hygiene, and food service technique and safety.

Characteristics Of A Grill Cook

However, being a successful grill chef requires more than good flipping skills. All employers in this industry look for the ability of the cook to work quickly and efficiently in a fast-paced environment. They expect a team player willing to pitch in with general kitchen duties as well as someone who is friendly and learns quickly from observations, and from oral and written instruction. Working conditions depend on the age of the kitchen as older eating places do not have the modern equipment or convenient work areas of many restaurant and institutional kitchens. One of the biggest advantages of working in the food industry are the flexible work hours and variable work schedules.

The Nitty Gritty: Salary

While a high school diploma is typically not required, some form of food handler certification or course work in food preparation is preferred. Most skills, however, are learned on the job. The demand for short order cooks is predicted to be one of the fastest growing in the industry. On average, you can expect starting wages of $6-$9; progress is based on experience and performance.

Schools to consider: