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Culinary Schools in Hawaii (HI)

The Beautiful Hawaiian Islands

Taking into consideration Hawaii’s exotic landscape, diverse population and mixture of traditions, it is no surprise that its cuisine is so varied, colorful and intriguing. In its subtropical climate where temperature average a mild 77 degrees coexist thousands of unique species of plants, such as the Ohelo berries and the remnants of over ten distinctive cultures including Polynesian, Chinese and Puerto Rican. Says Chef Choy, Hawaii’s official Culinary Ambassador: "I like to compare the Hawaiian Islands to a big, friendly house. Our front porch is continent USA with its' European food influences. Our back porch is continent Asia, and our side yard is the Polynesian Islands. Hawaii's kitchen is the meeting place where the flavors of all these cultures converge with Hawaii's fresh ingredients. The result is one of the world's most unique cuisines."

Hawaiian Cuisine

Hawaiian cuisine can best be described as original fusion cuisine. From Manapua, a steamed bun filled with Chinese barbecued pork to saimin, a Japanese noodle soup, to malassada, a Portuguese sugared donut, restaurants are seizing the moment and bringing back local cuisine.

What brought forth the revolution? Hawaiian Regional Cuisine (HRC), a culinary movement that changed eating in the islands. Relying on locally grown produce, the chefs improved relations with farmers and brought back unique, regional favorites such as the Puna goat cheese. Seafood remains a staple in the diet of the island people; in fact, they eat twice the amount of seafood as the U.S. per capita national average. Another favorite are Hawaiian macadamia nuts.

Hawaiian Culinary Training

If you have an open mind and a desire to join the masters in creating Hawaii’s culinary scene, you may consider enrolling in one of the several Hawaiian culinary schools the majority of which are located in the capital city of Honolulu. Which ever course of education you choose, make sure you prepare all your dishes with a dose of Aloha, or love.