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Institutional Chef

What Is An Institutional Chef?

Imagine igniting a six-foot flame as you pour wine over a burning hot saucepan, and the next minute plunging into a deep-freeze to searching for bison meat. For the institutional chef, no two days are ever alike. When you arrive at work, you will take charge of the controlled chaos of a high-demand kitchen, and you will have at your disposal the ingredients, the kitchen tools, and the staff support that only well-equipped institutions can provide. Each day, your imagination and creativity are the limit.

What Does An Institutional Chef Do?

Institutional chefs are among the most highly-regarded chefs in the world. Working in settings such as fine hotels, upscale restaurants, and exclusive resorts, institutional chefs are afforded remarkable opportunities to explore, experiment, and create. As an institutional chef, you must be prepared to make crucial decisions on a moments notice; you must be able to manage a large kitchen staff; and you must be innovative and resourceful. Your job description will change from minute-to-minute, as you will be confronted with new challenges and new opportunities.

The Nitty Gritty: Salary

Your pay is commensurate with your experience and your reputation, and there is the opportunity for rapid advancement. Institutional chefs are premier professionals, and while the competition is great, so is the reward. Institutional chefs are respected for their skill and artistry, and having established a reputation, you will be compensated well and provided with a healthy benefit plan through your institution.

Schools to consider: