Pastry Chef

What Is A Pastry Chef?

Danish, puff, choux, filo, strudel: pastries all. And who knows this better than a Pastry Chef or patissiers, a specialized chef position in a professional kitchen focused on the creation and baking of pastries, slices, baked goods and more. More than simply a baker, however, Pastry Chefs are a part of an apprentice system in professional cooking and rank above a line cook.

What Does A Pastry Chef Do?

Pastry Chefs usually work early shifts during the pre-dawn hours whether they are employed by large hotels or small bakeries. These skills are not simply employed for the creation of baked goods but also for ice creams, sponge cakes, sugar blown candies, chocolates, and many other delicate treats.

Work in a five star hotel in central London or as a head pastry chef in Mumbai, India. As a Pastry Chef, you will use the finest ingredients and produce plated desserts. You may be responsible for the entire pastry department or in charge of one aspect of the pastry making process.

Characteristics Of A Pastry Chef

Pastry Chefs are artisans and craftsmen with a keen knowledge of food sciences. They are steady of hand, accurate, and full of creativity and imagination. A true passion for creating innovative desserts and dessert menus will serve you well. Also, the ability to pass the finer points on to other members of your team will come in handy, especially if you hope to move up through the ranks.

The Nitty Gritty: Salary

Comprehensive pastry courses are hard to find and the job market is difficult for anyone wanting to break into the market, but with an average salary of $56,000+ per year it’s a good amount of dough if you’re willing to get a little flour on your hands.