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Specialist Chef

What Is A Specialist Chef?

A specialist chef is usually a part of a larger team of cooks and other food preparers. The specialist chef’s particular duties will vary depending on the size of the restaurant staff. In a smaller kitchen, the specialist may be responsible for creating complete meals from start to finish, while in a larger restaurant, the specialist may focus on a particular food, such as meat or poultry, or a particular style of cooking, like Thai or French.

What Does A Specialist Chef Do?

No matter where a specialist chef works, his job will include menu planning, presentation, and maintaining a hygienic cooking environment. First and foremost, the specialist chef must demonstrate a passion for food in all its variety. Keeping abreast of the latest trends in the culinary arts is essential as is a comprehensive understanding of nutrition. The specialist chef may be responsible for food requisitions on top of his specialized cooking duties or be expected to supervise and train other employees.

Basically, as a specialist chef, you can expect the unexpected. You may requisition food on Monday, plan menus on Tuesday, and be more active in cooking and presentation on Wednesday.

Characteristics Of A Specialist Chef

To be a successful specialist chef, you must be able to multi task, deal with long hours. and be on your feet all day. An ability to get the best food at the lowest prices, and maintain good relations between the restaurant and vendors is a key element of the job. Also the ability to handle stressful situations, delegate authority, and smooth over problems with the staff is needed.

The Nitty Gritty: Salary

Depending on where you live, you can earn anywhere from $28-35,000 as a starting salary, with great opportunity for advancement. This is a highly competitive field and being a specialist chef is no simple feat, but it is a hugely rewarding career choice for the right candidate.

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